medication synchronization

Tired of the waiting and wondering whether or not your medications are ready? We will gladly send you a text message or e-mail notification when they are ready! No more guessing games.

Here at St. Clair Health Mart we offer a wide variety of services to help customize each patient’s experience to their needs.

Take back your independence; utilize our free local delivery service! With our convenient delivery service there is no need to find a ride or ask someone to pick up your medication; we’ll bring it right to your door!


free local delivery

curbside service

Rx Ready notifications

Services to help simplify your life

Tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy? Caring for your loved ones and need some assistance? Let us simplify your life by having all maintenance medications ready on the same day. Call us today for more information on this complimentary service.

Hey parents! Tired of the struggle? We can make your liquid medicine taste a lot less yucky! Ask us about one of our many flavor options.  

Kids sleeping in the car? Having trouble getting around? Just not feeling well? Whatever the reason….try our curbside service. Call us upon arrival and we will bring it out to you.